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Dr. Jesse Hsieh, a physician who is helping to connect mind, body, and spirit for healthy living and well being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to carry Insurance?

Answer: Yes, for ancillary services such as labs, xrays, or if a specialist visit is needed or a hospitalization is required.

Why do you charge an annual fee instead of a monthly fee?

Answer: This is to cover the up front fees associated with building a medical record and this is also to ensure the new member is committed to this holistic approach to health care in the same fashion that our practice is, we want to make sure we know each member completely so that we are doing the best job when it comes to their healthcare.

Can I cancel my service agreement if I am not satisfied?

Answer: There is a 30 day clause in the service agreement, either party may cancel and money will be refunded to the member.