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Dr. Jesse Hsieh, a physician who is helping to connect mind, body and spirit for healthy living and well-being. 

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Our Medical Practice Description


It’s the state of medicine today.  The average doctor’s office has a full waiting room, busy phone lines, a long wait to be seen, a wait that often ends in less than 10 minutes of time with the doctor.   As the US healthcare system continues to become more regulated, it becomes more complicated, expensive, and impersonal.  And at the same time, the service gets worse.  Many patients and doctors are asking if there is a better way to get medical care.

A new trend sweeping the country is Concierge Medicine, which restores the intimate relationship between a patient and the physician by eliminating the insurance companies. Simply put, Concierge Medicine is a private form of medical practice that requires an annual membership fee.  That fee covers unlimited primary care services regardless of how many visits, phone calls, or procedures you need. And because concierge practices opt out of all insurance plans, we don’t bill your insurance company.

Here at Michiana VIP MD, we cap our patients at 400, which is far lower than the national average of 1000.  Because of that, we are able to provide deeply personal and exceptional service. This includes frequent same-day appointments, little to no wait times, 24/7 access, cell phones numbers to connect to us directly, email and texting, remote telemedicine, and visits that last as long as it takes to address your needs.

We also pride ourselves in becoming your source for all things medical: a trusted friend and advocate. We coordinate, expedite and help you navigate the complex healthcare system.  During times of serious illness or emergencies, we closely monitor your hospital care and we talk with your specialists on your behalf.

This model of medicine allows us at Michiana VIP MD to practice medicine the way it used to be practiced.  We have time to really get to know our members who become more like family.  And we are able to truly guide them through every step of their healthcare journey.  We believe and our patients agree, this model truly is a better way!


  • Do I need to carry insurance?

Answer: Yes, for ancillary services such as labs, xrays, or if a specialist visit is needed or a hospitalization is required.

  • Why do you charge an annual fee instead of a monthly fee?

Answer:  This is to cover the up front fees associated with building a medical record and this is also to ensure the new member is committed to this holistic approach to health care in the same fashion that our practice is, we want to make sure we know each member completely so that we are doing the best job when it comes to their healthcare.

  • Can I cancel my service agreement if I am not satisfied?

Answer: There is a 30 day clause in the service agreement, either party may cancel and money will be refunded to the member.